Real Cider Making on a Small Scale - Michael Pooley and John Lomax

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If you want to get into cider making, Real Cider Making on a Small Scale is a very good start!

A comprehensive, practical cider making book, designed to enable the amateur, enthusiast and would-be professional cider maker to make real cider with skill and confidence using any type of apples. The authors combine years of experience and expertise to produce a clear and accessible text. They explore both traditional and modern approaches to cider making.


  • A Word on Apples
  • Cidermaking History
  • Building the Press
  • An Autumn Day's Cidermaking
  • The Right Mix of Apples
  • Washing and Preparing the Apples
  • Milling and Crushing the Apples
  • Pressing the Apple Pulp
  • Fermentation
  • Blending, Storing and Serving the Cider
  • Troubleshooting
  • A Pipkin of Drinks, A Dish of Recipes
  • Preserving Pure Apple Juice
  • Making Cider Vinegar