4.5 Litre Worktop Fruit Press

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A 4.5 litre stainless steel cross beam press, splashguard, plastic tubing for juice collection, straining bag and instructions.

  • A unique starter press, small and light enough to be used on a tabletop outdoors or on a kitchen worktop. Ideal for pressing small amounts of milled apples or crushed grapes.

  • Small and easy to store: 38cm high with a diameter of 25cm and it weighs only 4.1kg. This will fit easily into a kitchen cupboard, but the basket will still hold up to 3.4kg of fruit!

  • Durable, long lasting components including stainless steel press cage and solid brass crossbeam for additional pressing power.

  • Great for beginners and a fantastic way for those without much fruit to get one of our handmade presses on a budget.

As with our larger equipment, this press comes with a complete 2 year warranty.

Note: Apples must be crushed into a pomace before pressing. See 'How To Crush Apples' and 'Crushers and Mills' for further info. The 'Pulpmaster with Bucket' is a very popular, low budget choice which is ideal for use with this press.

Place a splashguard around the outside of the press, loosen the screw a few turns by twisting the brass cross beam and lift the beam to remove the screw and pressing plate from the retaining side supports. Place a straining bag (supplied) inside the press and fill the press cage with crushed fruit.  Twist the bag closed and place the pressing plate on top.  Replace the cross beam and threaded rod, ensuring that the rod end locates in the piston centre and that the side supports are engaged in the slots in the cross beam. Wind the screw down slowly and juice will flow through the perforated cage into the juice collection tray and out through the plastic tube.  

  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) cylinder 
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) side supports
  • Brass cross beam with stainless steel (AISI 304) thread
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) pressing plate
  • Strong plastic tray with outlet 
  • Strong plastic tray support with leg boltholes to allow press to be mounted on a worktop
  • Supplied with splashguard, straining bag and short length of outlet tube
  • Basic Cider & Juice Making booklet by Alex Hill  
  • Height: 38cm / 15"
  • Cage diameter: 14.5cm / 5¾"
  • Overall diameter: 25cm / 9¾"
  • Weight: 4.1kg / 9 lbs

Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use and dry with a clean cloth. Lubricate the non-food contact metal parts with food grade grease; this will also inhibit corrosion of these parts. Store in a clean, dry place.