9 Litre Picking Bucket

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This picking bucket is ideal to harvest small and medium-sized fruits and vegetables, such as sloe, plums, grapes, raspberries, gooseberries, elderflower, cherries, peas, beans etc.

It is fastened by a belt to the body. This allows the unrestricted working with both hands.

When the box is full, you can unhook it from the belt, empty it and then go on with the harvest.

You can carry it everywhere, so that the flexibility is not limited and the harvest on ladders or trees is easier and safer. The box is made from food grade polypropylene and has a capacity of 9 litre.

The improved comfort is supported from the circular shape, which is fit tightly to the body. The best position for right-hander is the left side and the right side for left-hander. The perforate ground guarantees a constant air exchange, while the smooth sides enable a harvest without an obstacle (also in the present of branches or similar).

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