Berry Rake with Telescopic Handle

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Why bend when you can use the Berry Rake to collect your fruit and berries?

Perfect for harvesting those low or hard to reach berries.

A Swedish-made picker (small size) used to "comb" currants and berry bushes to detach the fruits from their stalks.

It has a capacious integral collection box that is designed to stop fruit falling out whilst in use. Once full, the fruit can be easily tipped into a flexi-tub or basket.

This neat picker speeds up the harvesting of all kinds of currants and berries, including elderberries and blueberries / bilberries / blackberries and certainly makes collection from thorny plants like gooseberries and blackberries much less hazardous.

The picker has a handle and is made of sturdy plastic.

How to use this product.

Flow rate: 1,700 litres / hour 


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