Brite Tank Monitor (ABE) - Lightly Used

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** Used for 2 months, last used 2 years ago. Now surplus to requirements. Please ignore 'out of stock' notification on this listing **

The ABE WatchDog Brite Tank Monitor by ABE Equipment is designed to monitor and control the CO2 pressure in the brite tank via a pressure sensor and regulator. So, in other words, a brewery tank carbonation monitor. The operator sets the controller to the desired tank pressure, and it will automatically adjust the input to maintain the proper CO2 levels. ABE recommends a WatchDog with each packaging line to achieve consistent carbonation and pressure, whether your tank is full or nearly empty. Your packaging line will run consistently through the entire shift by maintaining a consistent output pressure, ensuring accurate filling.


  • Mobile and easy to use
  • Ensures consistent fills and carbonation levels
  • UL compliant

We purchased from Vigo Ltd in 2021 for £1,944 so over £700 saving opportunity for a very lightly used piece of kit.

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