Cannular Semi Automatic Worktop Seamer and Canning Machine

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The Cannular can seamer is a semi-automatic can seamer that is easy to use, reliable and beautifully simple and with this semi-auto model it just got even easier. Now you don't even have to pull a lever to seam the can. The seaming process takes only 3 seconds!

This new semi-auto model of can seamer is able to guarantee you get a consistent seaming process every time. Unlike less expensive manual can seamers this machine has no lever meaning it's even easier for the operator to seam the can consistently and will not vary on how hard the operator is pulling the lever.  Once the machine is tuned only a small amount of oil on the bearings is required and no other maintenance for 50,000 cans.  

Whether you're a cool bar wanting to fill your own crowlers or you are a home brewer wanting to keep your home brew fresh and protected from damaging light, the Cannular is the answer. The Cannular can seamer is one of the most compact and easy to use benchtop can seamers around. With a single operator you can seam/seal the cans in 3 seconds meaning this compact machine is suitable for small breweries or brewpubs doing small production runs.

As standard this machine will seam both standard 330ml and 500ml cans without any need for changeover parts. Adaptors and parts are available to seam various cans of other sizes too. Please contact us if you require further information.

Safe To Use with Low Voltage Power Supply
If you have ever used a can seamer you would know that you can sometimes spill liquids while processing cans.  This Cannular machine has 24v DC so even when you make a mess you don't have a risk of electrocuting yourself. This also makes the machine easier to clean and wash down.

Environmentally Friendly
When compared with disposable glass bottles cans are much more environmentally friendly as they are:

  • Significantly lighter making them less energy-consuming to transport
  • More recyclable, more cost-effective to recycle, and a higher percentage of cans get recycled compared with glass

Great For Outdoor Events
Cans are a fantastic choice for outdoor events, parties, pool events, or at the beach.  Broken glass can be dangerous and difficult to clean up completely. Cans on the other hand are the safest choice in this respect.

This machine also comes with a power adaptor and a spacer for 330ml cans.

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If you want to see a video describing why cans are so popular in the craft brewing industry then look here: