Cider Making Kit - Standard

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This basic kit is ideal for the novice cider maker who wants to start by making 25 to 30 litres of cider cost effectively. The kit contains 2 standard fermenters suitable for fermentation but not for longer term maturation and storage.

Kit contents:

  • 2 x 30 Litre standard fermenters with airlocks - one for the cider and one for the essential process of racking cider off the lees
  • 3m length of standard siphon tube (for racking the cider)
  • Large 10” funnel
  • 5g sachet of yeast
  • Hydrometer - for measuring specific gravity of juice
  • Hydrometer jar - as above
  • Pack of Campden tablets/powder
  • Real Cider Making on a Small Scale book by Michael Pooley & John Lomax

Cider production capacity can be increased by ordering supplementary fermenters and yeast, but only one spare fermenter is required for racking purposes.