Frutty 1+1 Stainless Steel In Bottle Carbonator

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A simple and easy to use piece of equipment for the carbonation of liquids in the bottle. The previously filled bottles are placed in the machine and saturated with carbon dioxide from a pressure cylinder. This gentle carbonation can enhance bouquet and add flavours. 

This is the ideal solution for small producers of cider, sparkling wine, beer etc. Stainless steel construction with ball valves and fittings in brass. For effective carbonation the liquid should be chilled to around 0-4ยบ C. The carbonator is equipped as standard for 750ml bottles of champagne with a 29mm mouth, but can be used with bottles of any size up to 1 litre capacity. Rate for use with up to 6 bar of pressure.

Supplied to order, please contact us with your requirements.