Glazed Stoneware Vinegar Pot - 4.8 Litre

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Make your own wine/cider and herb vinegar with this beautiful ceramic vinegar pot! With high quality, hard boxwood taps for dispensing. With a large opening for easy cleaning. Volume: 4.8 litres.

In the late nineteenth century, domestic production of vinegar was a widespread practice in France. in each family , remaining alcoholic beverages (wine or cider in most cases ) were poured into this container, made of stoneware fired at a very high temperature and recognised for its non-porous and durable qualities. To transform wine or cider into vinegar, you can use our Acetic Acid Bacteria to make your own vinegar by adding two litres of red or white wine or cider. the liquid should be left two months before sampling. after that, all leftover wine/cider can be added to nourish the vinegar, this preparation can also be delicately flavoured by placing raspberries, tarragon , thyme, truffles, fresh nuts and more.


  • Don’t ever produce your vinegar at the same place where wine is fermenting.
  • For vinegar production you can use wines which already are affected by acetic bacteria. But using heavily infected wines the possibility of formation of additional infections is higher. Thus this can be very harmful for the taste and odour of your vinegar. You can never obtain a fine product by starting up with a bad product.