Grifo G20I95 Stainless Steel Electric Pump

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The Grifo G20I95 is a liquid transfer pump manufactured in Italy to extremely high standards. It has a capacity of up to 29 litres per minute, making it ideal for home or microbrewery operations and is able to pump hot liquids up to 95 degrees Celsius so is especially useful in beer production.

• Stainless steel body with antioxidant alloy varnish
• Bronze impeller with niplate treatment
• Double direction (the flow can be reversed)
• Self-priming
• 0.5hp engine with a max rpm of 2,850
• Lightweight - just 5kg

The G20 series of pumps have 20mm fittings and will pair with tubing of the same size. The liquid being pumped should be clean, however a fine mesh filter can be fitted to the aspiration tube if required. This pump is fitted with Viton gaskets for additional functionality and durability, ensuring a long service life.

As the pump is self-priming it’s very easy to set up; just put a little liquid in the impeller before use and once switched on the pump will pull through liquid by itself. It’s also two way, meaning you can reverse the direction of liquid flow with a switch on the control box.

  • Can move up to about 33 litres per minute/1980 litres per hour
  • Maximum suction height 4m
  • Self-priming and with a reversible motor (pumps in both directions)
  • Stainless steel hose connections for 20 mm (3/4”) bore tube.
  • 1 meter cable with European plug