10 Good Reasons to Make Cider

  1. Cider making is remarkably easy and is a good way to use surplus apples that would otherwise go to waste.
  2. Cider can be made from virtually any apple – although West Country cider varieties will make a deeply coloured flavourful cider with a distinctively bitter edge, good cider can also be made from eaters and cookers.
  3. Apples yield a surprising amount of juice – typically 5-6 litres from 10kg (22lbs) of apples. Even a relatively small apple tree can yield enough apples to make 20 or more litres (40 pints) of cider – large trees can yield 200 pints or more!
  4. The equipment to make cider is simple to use and need not be expensive – and the payback time is short!
  5. Juice pressed in the autumn can be ready to drink as cider as soon as Easter. It is versatile and can be drunk straight, mixed into a Spritzer, mulled with spices for a warming winter drink or used in cooking as a wine substitute.
  6. The cider you make will come from apples you have grown and you will know what has gone into it.
  7. Cider-making is FUN and an enjoyable communal activity – from pressing to the excitement of drinking the end product. It’s also a good excuse for a party whether at blossom time, harvest or wassail time.
  8. It's the traditional way of preserving apple juice. In past times, cider was the way farmers preserved the health promoting goodness of apples for year-long consumption as well as being, in part, the way they paid their workforce.
  9. The equipment used to make juice for cider can also be used to make apple juice for consumption in its delicious natural state – all that is needed is freezer space or a Vigo pasteuriser.
  10. Homemade cider has a long history – you, your family and friends can join a tradition that has been enjoyed by people for centuries.