Top Tips for Pairing Cider with Food

Cider has always been a very popular drink choice, whether you like to create your own or buy readymade, or if you prefer alcoholic or not. With many different ciders available, multiple people fail to realise that cider can also be delicious when paired with certain foods and dishes. We’ve put together our top tips to help you pair your meals with the right kind of cider. If you’re using a recipe that suggests pairing with white wine, it’s likely to go nicely with a fruity cider too. Cider is a light, delicate flavour and therefore compliments light and delicate foods well, like white wine!

  • Fruity dishes are also complimented by fruity ciders, whether you’re working with a sweet or savoury meal.
  • Making a pork dish? Cider is ideal when paired with all kinds of pork, whether you’re making sausages, chops or bacon. The sweetness of cider contrasts the saltiness of the pork, working together to create unique and delicious flavours.
  • Cider also goes well with chicken, especially in homely dishes like roast chicken or casseroles. However, we wouldn’t advise pairing cider with meats like beef or steak, as they can overpower the cider flavour.
  • If you’re a fan of seafood, cider can work well with this too, especially when a dry bottle is paired alongside oysters and other shellfish flavours like prawns and lobster.
  • Sweet ciders can work really well when paired with curry dishes. They can help to extinguish heat, whereas dry ciders can enhance spiciness- not good when paired with a hot meal!
  • Vegetarians can enjoy the pairing of cider and food, too. Cider works well with most vegetables that are in season, and sweet ciders in particular are great when paired with roasted autumnal vegetables like onions or fennel.
  • Cider famously pairs with cheese; cheddar is the most popular choice. However, cider also works very well with creamy cheese like brie and camembert. Sweet cider contrasts salty flavours found in blue cheese, and dry cider compliments goat or sheep cheese.