What Other Fruits Can I Use for Cider Making?

What Fruits can I use for Cider making?

Different flavours of cider can be made from near enough any type of fruit, from berry to elderflower. However, apples are the traditional fruit used to make cider and are used to make the main base of the beverage. The flavourings of other fruits can be added to adjust the flavour accordingly.

Getting the balance right

If you want to stick to traditional cider, the variety of apples to choose from allows you to change the overall taste by mixing the different types. The key is to have the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and slight bitterness. Different mixes of apples are going to give different flavoured ciders, take note of the proportions you are using as there is no way of knowing the outcome in advance- this will help you to adjust your recipe for the future.

Pear Cider (Perry)

Perry is the equivalent of apple cider. Replace the apples with the same weight of pears. Ripe pears are much easier to pulp than apples. Perry differs from apple cider in its taste, it tends to be more delicate than apple cider and sweeter, some people comment that it has a citrus and tropical fruit flavour.

Berry Cider

If you want to venture outside of traditional cider adding different fruits can be a great way to customise the taste to your preferences. Berries are a popular choice, adding strawberries with a squeeze of lime is said to be the perfect addition for a Summer BBQ. To do this, add the strawberries whole into the fermenter along with the apples. If you want to add lime as well, peel them and cut into quarters, add these too then finish like you would normal cider.

Elderflower Cider

Another combination that is popular is elderflower. Adding an elderflower flavour gives it a lemony and fresh aroma.

When making cider, any fruit can be added to the apples or pears to change the finished taste. It’s all about testing and changing the proportions in order to find the right mixture for you.