Juice Extractor Top for Pasteuriser

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A juice extractor attachment designed to be used with our 27 litre pasteuriser. A recipe leaflet is also included with plenty of ideas for you to try.

  • Extends the standards functions of our pasteurisers, allowing them to be used to extract pure juice from fruit with steam. Fits perfectly over the top for ease of use.
  • Works with berries, currants, stone fruits, hard fruits and more.
  • Time saving: no need to remove stones or stalks! Harder fruits such as crab apples and quinces will need to be halved, though.
  • Large fruit basket and 7 litre / 12 pint juice collection container with outlet tube and clamp.

You can use the juice extractor top to aid in making all manner of interesting things. Try layering your fruit with sugar in the unit, this will allow you to make delicious fresh cordials.

Fill the pasteuriser (available separately) with water, fill the perforated fruit basket of the juice extractor top with fruit, cover with the lid, and place the the whole unit on top of the Pasteuriser. Set the thermostat of the pasteuriser and switch it on. Steam from the boiling water in the pasteuriser extracts juice from the fruit; the juice is collected in the enamel juice collection container. Wearing gloves to protect your hands, draw off the juice into pre-heated glass bottles by opening the clip on the plastic tube.

  • Consists of three components: plastic fitting ring, enamel juice collection container with outlet, perforated plastic fruit basket
  • Used with the lid from your pasteuriser
  • Flexible plastic tube with stainless steel outlet and clip for releasing/shutting off juice flow
  • Diameter of container: 38cm / 15"
  • Overall diameter: 48cm / 19"
  • Height: 28cm / 11"
  • Weight: 3kg / 6½ lbs