Pluko Picking Bag

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Container for harvesting fruit and vegetables with padded, ergonomic straps to take the strain when working.

The containers are hung on ergonomic harnesses, significantly reducing the load during harvesting. The harness is also compatible with the PlukoBox and PlukoBag which makes it possible to change the container depending on the needs. The operation of the PlukoBag is simple and intuitive - after filling the container with fruit, it is easy to unhook the side strings from the hooks and gently pour the contents of the bag into the box.


- Solid workmanship

- High-quality materials guarantee a long service life

- Special foam rubber lining - protection of fruit against damage

- Two wide belts and ergonomic lining reduce the load on the shoulders while working, improving efficiency

- Universal harness

- Convenient, simple operation

- Aids quick harvesting and reduction of fruit damage

  • Weight of harness - 0.5 kg 
  • Weight of bag - 0.4 kg
  • Width of bag - 53 cm 
  • Length of bag - 72 cm 
  • Circumference of bag rim - 109 cm 
  • Capacity - 15 to 18 kg 

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