Blackcurrant Cordial

One of our favourite recipes is blackcurrant cordial. It is delicious as a cool summer drink served with ice and sparkling or still water. This cordial is equally good as a warming winter drink diluted with hot water - and, if you like, with a drop of alcohol added! "Kir" can be made from a blend of blackcurrant cordial and cider or wine; it is simply delicious and very refreshing when served with ice! A longer drink can be made by adding sparkling water.

Note: This recipe will require a steam juice extractor. We have a number of suitable options, which can be found here.


For every 4 kilos of blackcurrants:

1.25 to 1.5 kilos of granulated sugar - the quantity of sugar can be varied according to your taste.


  1. Pick ripe berries on their stalks (an occasional leaf in the mix will not spoil flavour)
  2. Rinse the fruit in a colander to wash off dust.
  3. Fill the bottom section of the steam juice extractor with water according to the manufacturer's instruction. Place the juice collection section on top.
  4. Starting with blackcurrants, alternately layer blackcurrants and sugar into the juicing basket that fits on the top of the juice collecting tank.
  5. Steam for approximately 30 minutes - then run off the 1st juice and pour back over the berries. Do not stir the fruit during the steaming process.
  6. Steam again until the berries are collapsed and the cordial fills the juice tank.
  7. Bottle into hot (75ÂșC) clean screw cap bottles. We recommend you wear insulated rubber gloves for secure handling and to protect from scalds.
  8. Immediately cap the bottles tightly with clean screw caps and then invert the bottles to pasteurise the lids.
  9. Leave the bottles upside down in a crate until cool.
  10. Although the pasteurised cordial will keep indefinitely, once opened it is best to keep the bottle in a cool larder or fridge.