Rommelsbacher Dehydrator DA350

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For careful drying of fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and more: the compact dehydrator DA 350 is the perfect addition to the Rommelsbacher family of dehydrators.

Drying - as the oldest form of food preservation - is experiencing a modern revival. This gentle way of preserving food without additives or preservatives has become an indispensable part of contemporary cuisine.

For home-made natural power food

  • 5 height-adjustable drying racks with drying grids made of stainless steel
  • total drying surface 0.42 m², rack height 20 or 40 mm
  • drying racks and cover removable, BPA-free
  • energy-saving and quiet operation, temperature selection from 35 °C up to 75 °C
  • even temperature distribution by optimum air circulation
  • LCD display, clear operating elements
  • function for cooling down gently, also suitable for defrosting
  • 36-hour timer, automatic switch-off, signal sound
  • including: 2 moulds for 8 muesli bars

The drying racks are equipped with fine-meshed grids made of hygienic stainless steel and - as a clever feature – the racks are even height-adjustable. Thus, the volume is doubled in no time at all.

The appliance is energy-saving and quiet and easy to use. The temperature selection ranges from 35 °C for raw food dehydration up to 75 °C for quick power dehydration. Together with the 36-hour timer, this offers a maximum of possible uses.

Two silicone moulds for the production of 8 muesli bars complete this modern dehydrator. Delicious snacks and healthy sweets are just as easy to create as crunchy vegetable chips, teas, dried fruits for muesli and treats for animals.

No matter which dietary preferences you have or which trendy delicacies you want to try - the DA 350 is the perfect companion.

Model: DA 350Colour: Stainless Steel
Power: 230V
Output: 350W
Item weight: 2.9kg
Dimensions: 31.5 x 33.7 x 25.3cm
Shelves: 5
Temperature control: Yes