Speidel 10 Litre Braumeister Plus

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The new Braumeister Plus is just like the original, only much better! Now available in a handy 10 litre format that will easily fit in your kitchen, it’s packed with a ton of new features that make it more hygienic, more efficient and easier to use than ever before!

Features Summary:

  • New control system with touch screen, integrated brewing guide and Wi-Fi for software updates and syncing recipes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Cooling jacket for easy and hygienic cooling with water
  • Quantity: 10L of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 11L of wort
  • Max. malt quantity 2.8 kg


The new automatic control system brews with your own individual recipes and guides you through the entire brewing process. Recipes and software updates can be synced automatically thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi that is included as standard. Using the My Speidel app you can remotely program the machine, build your own recipes or download them from a vast database that’s added to every day by a community of active and enthusiastic brewers.

The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases and the temperature sensor is in the centre rod, right in the middle of the malt for the most accurate readings.

In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not need to be stirred all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is circulated gently and the grain bed is frequently repositioned for maximum efficiency. There is no way for the grain bed to contact the heating element, so nothing can burn and no racking is needed between brewing phases. Brewing is now easier and more convenient than ever before!

Beer to Suit Your Taste

Whether you prefer lager, stout or wheat beer, anything can be brewed with the Braumeister. You will certainly taste the difference in quality between your own beer and indistinguishable, mass-produced offerings. Be careful though; once you’ve got the taste for brewing your own, all natural beers, nothing else will do and you’ll never go back to supermarket beers!



  • Compact 10L format lets you brew anywhere, even on your kitchen countertop!
  • Patented malt pipe system for wort circulation against gravity, providing effective and gentle wash out of the malt with no need for piping on the outside of the vessel.
  • Clean and hygienic cooling with water by the welded cooling jacket (no cooling spiral necessary)
  • Service friendly construction: all connections to pump, control and sensor are screwed and therefore fast and simple to replace if necessary
  • Braumeister stays up to date by software updates by integrated Wi-Fi and new accessories which are developed compatible to already sold devices

Control software:

  • Brewing guide - also shows quantity and kind of raw materials
  • Exact temperature measuring
  • Help information in the brewing process
  • Pump pauses are adjustable
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for software updates over the air and sync of recipes with My Speidel
  • Integrated data base of raw materials
  • Timer function - for time delayed brew start
  • Option for additional accessories for auto cooling
  • Ferment control for the option to ferment in the Braumeister
  • Ferment control allows data of the Tilt-Hydrometer

Control hardware:

  • IP 65 water resistant
  • Touchscreen 5"
  • Temp sensor inside the centre rod in the middle of the malt
  • Additional connections 24V and CAN for future accessories
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated

Technical Details

  • Effective weight: 12kg
  • Heating coil: 1200 W output
  • Pump: 27W with 7 different speed settings
  • Power supply connection: 230V (fuse protection min. 10A)
  • Control system: fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump)
  • Maximum malt quantity: 2.8kg
  • Weld-on double jacket for cooling
  • Connectors to jacket 1" ET 2x inclusive Gardena connectors


  • Height: 48cm
  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Packaging size: 60 x 40 x 50cm (Length x Height x Width)
  • Shipping weight: 15kg