Speidel 40 Litre Stainless Steel Hydropress

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A 40 litre hydropress from the world renowned Speidel. Also included is a GEKA ¾” internal thread hosepipe adapter with 1 metre of hose tubing, splash guard, straining bag and full operation and setup instructions.

  • Uses a mains water supply via the adapter provided to press fruit at high pressure (rated up to 3 bar) for maximum juice yield. Up to 80% juice by weight is possible with properly crushed ripe fruit.
  • Reduced flow distance preserves vitamins for juice of the highest quality. Using the straining bag provided will yield even clearer juice.
  • Can be used to press a variety of other things such as honeycomb, tomatoes and more. Pressing time and pressure can be controlled via the tap giving you complete control over the process.
  • Made in Germany from stainless steel and other top quality materials, all rated for use with food and drinks.

We offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty with all presses sold by us. Should anything fail during normal operation of the press during that time, just contact us and we will repair or replace it. We carry a range of spares and replacement parts and can dispatch them to you quickly.

See video on 'how to use' HERE.

Line the stainless steel perforated cylinder with the straining sack and scoop the fruit pulp into the cylinder around the deflated rubber membrane.  Clamp the strong cast lid on top of the cylinder.  Connect a ½" water hose to the bottom of the press (connections supplied) and turn on the mains water pressure.  The pressure of the water inflates the rubber membrane, forcing the juice out through the perforations in the cylinder into the press juice channel, and so to a waiting vessel.

  • Normal mains water pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar required 
  • Perforated stainless steel cylinder 
  • Inflatable neoprene membrane 
  • Tubular steel legs 
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, safety pressure relief valve and drain valve 
  • Supplied with straining sack
  • Height: 90cm / 35½" 
  • Diameter: 48cm / 18¾" 
  • Height from ground level to lip:  30cm / 11¾" 
  • Weight: 20kg

    Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use and dry with a clean cloth. Lubricate the non-food contact metal parts with food grade grease; this will also inhibit corrosion of these parts. Store in a clean, dry place.

    The Press Sack can be washed at a low heat setting but do not use any detergent.

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: When storing press over colder winter months make sure all valves are left open and that there is no water retained in the armature. If water freezes within the housing it could crack the armature. This would not be covered by the warranty.