12 Litre Speidel Plastic Fermenter

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A conveniently sized 12 litre tank from Speidel. Suitable for both the fermentation and storage of beer, wine, cider and other liquids. Speidel tanks are trusted by producers of all sizes worldwide for their quality and reliability.

Combine with a Speidel tap to form a conveniently sized keg for dispensing that will fit right in your fridge.

Supplied with:

  • Carry handle
  • Large Speidel airlock
  • Compatible bung*
  • 1 x Blanking cap
  • Dispensing tap not included available here.

We are an official UK supplier and distributor for Speidel and as such can offer the fastest service and best prices on their range of incredibly reputed products.

  • Width: 26cm
  • Height: 35cm

After use, wash the inside of the container, all seals and parts with clean, warm water. Chemicals should not be needed; however you can add a steriliser such as VWP if desired.