300 Litre Speidel Tank

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A 300 litre fermentation tank made from food grade polyethylene, suitable for fermenting and storing beer, wine, cider and more. Complete with a large airlock & bung compatible with all plastic Speidel tanks and a dispensing tap.

  • Speidel are a renowned German manufacturer of storage and fermentation tanks, trusted by producers of all scales worldwide.
  • Food grade polyethylene walls, airtight seals and screw top lid preserve flavour and prevent oxidisation.
  • Large 300L capacity makes these tanks suitable for use AS both storage and fermentation.
  • Supplied with outlet tap, blanking cap, oversized airlock and bung and robust carrying handles.
  • Smooth internal surfaces allow for easy cleaning without chemicals.

We are an official UK supplier and distributor for Speidel and as such can offer the fastest service and best prices on their range of incredibly reputed products.

  • High quality food-safe polyethylene tanks designed for wine, cider and juice makers. Suitable for fermentation of wine, cider and beer, and for storage.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning without chemicals. 
  • Wide top opening for easy access. 
  • Airtight seals to preserve the quality of the contents.
  • Thick walls to preserve flavour and restrict oxidation. 
  • Compact, stable construction.
  • Supplied with airlock, bung and tap.
  • Height: 87cm / 34¼ "
  • Width: 57cm / 22½"
  • Depth: 87 cm / 34¼"
  • Weight: 12kg / 26.5 lbs

After use, wash the inside of the container, all seals and parts with clean, warm water. Chemicals should not be needed; however you can add a steriliser such as VWP if desired.