Stainless Steel ThermaData Data Logger

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Stainless Steel ThermaData® data logger - ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other high temperature applications.

It is important to know that your pasteurised product has had the correct temperature for the correct length of time, and there may be cases where you need to demonstrate this.

To allow you to quickly and easily create and maintain records of each pasteurisation batch, these simple data loggers record the temperature vs time of each pasteurisation run.

For in-bottle pasteurisation, the sensor is inserted into a bottle in each batch. After use, it can be connected to a computer through its USB port, and the included software plots and records each batch for you. This takes all of the effort out of recording and maintaining your data.

  • Integral USB interface for setup and download
  • High temperature range -20 to 105°C
  • Food grade 316 stainless steel housing

UKAS 3 point certificate available at extra cost

ThermaData® Studio PC software

The ThermaData logger is connected to a PC via the internal USB connector or a USB lead (supplied). By selecting the relevant icon the data can be downloaded and displayed either as a graph, table or summary. The user can also set, within the software, high and low alarm values for a specific application. The information can then be analysed by zooming in, saving as a 'studio file' or exporting to other software packages.

USB Connection Point:- Simply unscrew the end cap to access the USB port. This allows the user to connect the logger to a PC and upload any data collected