Pulcino 10 Sheet Filter with Pump

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The Rover Pompe Pulcino 10 sheet filter is suitable for filtering 25 litres or more of wine, cider or beer. It has a greater filtering area than other small filters on the market and filters at approximately 100 litres per hour. To prevent the unnecessary use of filter sheets when filtering small batches, the filter can be used with as little as 6 filter sheets. The filter is simple to operate and easy to clean.

The pump can be used independently of the filter, for ‘racking off’ the cider and wine from the settled lees (essential immediately prior to filtration) or for moving juice.

Filter sheets (20cm x 10cm) are required when using the filter – between 6 and 10 sheets. These are available in 4 grades, for flexible filtering: coarse, fine, extra fine & sterile. Please note, only one grade of filter sheet can be used with the filter at a time and the product to be filtered should be left for 2-4 days between each grade of filtration.

Supplied with:

2 x 1 metre hose lengths (3/8"/10mm) and applicable hose clips

10 x #4 20x10cm filter sheets

10 x #16 20x10cm filter sheets

Note: when fitting the filter sheets the 'bumpy side' should face towards the front (i.e. faces towards the direction that the liquid flows into the filter from).