Wolf Fruit Picker

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An ingenious device for picking apples designed for use with the Wolf Telescopic Handle. When used with the Wolf Telescopic Handle you won't need to use a ladder as it will reach heights of over 4m / 13 feet.

  • Strong cotton collection bag which will hold several apples (4 medium sized)
  • Strong plastic scalloped rim to enable pull and fall of apple into bag
  • Built in knife-blade for stubborn apple stalks
  • Angle of head adjusts and locks for ease of use
  • Washable and replaceable collection bag
  • Clip to enable attachment to Wolf Telescopic Handle

Clip onto the Wolf Telescopic Handle (available separately) to enable you to reach above heights. Manoeuvre the Apple Picker so that the apple is within the scalloped rim. With a gentle pull the apple will fall into the collection bag. Stubborn apples can be released by positioning knife-blade (within furthest scallop of rim) against the apple stalk and lifting to cut.

  • Height of bag (when flat): 20cm / 8"
  • Width of bag (when flat): 21.5cm / 8½"
  • Diameter of rim: 15.5cm / 6"

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