Young's Little Bottler

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The Little Bottler is an ingenious device which makes the filling of bottles a breeze.

Complete with compatible tap, anti-sediment guard to stop sediment from getting into your bottles when filling and a washer which fits neatly against the outside of the vessel to stop leaks.

Please note the Little Bottler is NOT compatible with other taps and the filling tube only fits the Little Bottler tap

Simply fit the tap part of the little bottler to your fermenting vessel and when your brew is ready to bottle, attach the filling tube. The Little Bottler features a valve in the bottom of the tube which starts the flow of beer when depressed and stops it when the bottle is lowered, meaning that you don't need to control the flow by means of the tap.

To fit to a vessel drill a 25mm hole, drill it high enough up from the base so that the backnut can be fitted to the inside of the vessel.

The Little Bottler really is the must have device to make tedious bottling methods a thing of the past.

Bottling stick measures 33cm