36 Litre Cross Beam Fruit Press

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A 36 litre fruit press constructed from solid cast iron, a tub of food grade grease and a beginner’s guide to making fruit juice and cider.

  • A much larger, more substantial version of the 20 litre cross beam press. If you have a number of fruiting trees (perhaps a small orchard) or if you are a small scale commercial producer then this is the press for you.

  • 29kg basket capacity, yielding up to 12.5 litres / 22 pints of juice per pressing (dependent on fruit variety and ripeness).

  • Built in ratchet mechanism for easier pressing.

  • Uncompromising build quality: Solid cast iron base and crossbeam, stainless steel tray and screw mechanism and solid beechwood cage and pressure plate.

All our presses come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty against faulty workmanship. Should any part of the press fail during normal use then just let us know and we’ll repair or replace it.

Straining bag available for this press (not included).

Note: Delivered on a pallet - allow 5 working days for delivery. Delivery included in price for UK Mainland (exc. Scottish Highlands). See delivery page for charges to other regions.

Swing the hinged cross beam off the press. Line the press cage with a straining bag (optional; available separately) overlapping the side of the press.  If using Crusher A  or the Economy Crusher (available separately) to mill the apples,  locate the crusher on top, mill the apples directly into the press until it is brimful, and remove the crusher.  If using the Centrifugal Mill (available separately) mill the apples and pour the crushed apples directly into the press until it is brimful.

Fold the edges of the press bag to cover the pomace making a parcel.  Place the pressure plate and bearing block onto the crushed fruit within the press cage, swing cross beam back into position lining the screw up with metal bearing.  Place the handle in the slot and use a ratchet mechanism to lower the pressure plate.  The juice will soon flow down through the press staves into the juice tray, ready for collection.  Collect the juice in a food-grade bucket, ready for freezing, pasteurisation or irresistible instant drinking.

  • The press cage is made from fashioned beech staves girded by iron hoops, and is hinged so that it can be raised using the cranking handle allowing for the easy removal of the 'cake' of crushed fruit Free standing heavy oak pressure plate with handles upon which a wooden block with metal bearing rests 
  • All wood from sustainable forest plantations, seasoned and coated with food-compatible varnish 
  • Screw fitted with ratchet mechanism for ease of use, which operates through the hinged lockable beam 
  • Stainless steel juice tray with outlet spout 
  • Welded steel frame protected by a tough baked-on polyester coating, meeting British/EU safety standard EN71 toy standard 
  • The frame feet have boltholes to enable the press to be fixed to a stand at a convenient height for pressing and juice collection 
  • Basic Cider & Juice Making booklet by Alex Hill  
  • A free tub of food grade grease is supplied with this press 
  • Height:  98.5cm / 38¼" 
  • Cage height:  43cm / 17"
  • Cage diameter:  37cm / 14½" 
  • Overall width: 63cm / 24¾"
  • Weight:  48kg / 106 lbs 

Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use and dry with a clean cloth. Lubricate the non-food contact metal parts with food grade grease; this will also inhibit corrosion of these parts. Store in a clean, dry place.