Bottle Neck Freezer for Champagne Bottles

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This is an important piece of equipment for producing wines and ciders with the Champagne method. The liquid goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle and is carbonated during the process. This is desirable as the bubbles are finer and last longer in a glass, however the process leaves behind residue and yeast lees which must be removed before the wine can be consumed. This is where the neck freezer is essential; the bottles are stored upside down and the necks are frozen, allowing for quick, clean removal of an ice chunk with all the lees in.

Product Information:

  • Available in various sizes and power outputs, from 3 to 32 bottles
  • Steel casing, mounted on wheels for easy transport
  • Digital thermostat ensures accurate temperature control
  • Uses propylene glycol at an operating temperature of between -25 and -30 degrees Celsius
  • Manufactured to order in Italy

Supplied to order, please contact us with your requirements.

Delivered on a pallet

Weight: 40kgs

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