5 Litre Fermentation Bucket with Lid

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A 5 litre food grade fermentation bucket and lid. The lid is airtight and supplied undrilled. If you require a drilled lid so that our bung and airlocks can be used please add a customer note at the check out stage.

  • Perfect for beginners: these buckets are made from high quality, food grade plastic and are a great way to get started brewing on a budget.
  • Comes with airtight lid. The lid is undrilled, so you’ll need to drill a hold in the top to fit the airlock and bung/grommet that you choose to use with it. These will be required for a successful fermentation and are available separately.
  • Comes with carry handle for easy transport, even when full.
  • All sizes have a volume scale on the side for accurate measuring.
  • Easy to clean, just use warm water! No need for nasty chemicals.
5 Litre

After use, wash the inside of the container, all seals and parts with clean, warm water. Chemicals should not be needed; however you can add a steriliser such as VWP if desired.