750ml Green Glass MCA3 Bottles with Screw Caps - Box of 24 Loose

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Introducing our high-quality green glass bottles, designed in a stylish Bordeaux style and perfect for storing and preserving your favourite beverages. These bottles come in a 750ml capacity, making them ideal for wine, juice, cider, cordials, and more.

Our green glass bottles feature: 

  • A weight of 403g 
  • A height of 290mm 
  • A bottom diameter of 75mm
  • A cap size of 28mm 

These bottles are durable and easy to handle. They can be reused, but it's important to replace the screw cap with a fresh one each time the bottle is refilled. Additional screw caps can be purchased here (MCA2 caps are compatible with all our 750ml mineral bottles).

Supplied loose in a box