Rommelsbacher Fruit and Vegetable Dehydrator

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This high quality food drier is ideal for preserving a wide variety of fruit & vegetables.

  • Complete with 4 drying trays, each of which will hold 0.34 - 0.39 kg / 12-14 oz of fruit or vegetables.
  • A wide range of produce can be dried including apples, pears, berries, currants, plums, strawberries, many varieties of vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs.
  • Running costs on average 6p per hour, depending on electricity supplier.
  • Vitamins and minerals are not affected by drying and dried food produces a more intense flavour and aroma.
  • Dried fruits / vegetables make ideal and delicious snacks, tasty additions to breakfast cereals, or a warming winter hot 'fruit salad'.
  • Dried vegetables can be added to soups, goulash, ratatouille and stews.
  • Dried herbs and edible flower petals can be used for herbal teas, or bespoke herb mixtures, or added to sea salt crystals with herb seeds and snippets of dried onion or garlic for an aromatic seasoning.
  • Drying fruit / vegetables saves space in your freezer, larder shelving, or frost-free outbuildings.
  • An additional set of 2 trays can be added to give a maximum capacity of 6 trays.