Sealing Tool for Pre Threaded ROPP Caps

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Easy to use hand tool for tucking in the tamper-evident band under the perforation on ROPP pre-threaded aluminium caps. Place capr on by hand until tight then simply place tool over cap and squeeze handles which tucks the security tab against bottle under the thread without breaking any perforations above the steal.

Available in 5 different sizes. See the 'Specification' tab for further details on compatibility with caps.

Sealing tool specs:

18 - Caps 18mm width x 12mm deep

20 - Caps 20mm width x 15mm deep

28 - Caps 28mm width x 18mm depth

30 - Caps 30mm width x 28mm depth

31.5 - Caps 31.5mm width x 24/18mm depth*

* complete with pad insert which provides 2 depth options