Speidel Complete Juice Container and Immersion Kit

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Variable capacity stainless steel tanks from Speidel, complete with an immersion heater. Available in three sizes so you can scale to the size of your operation. The inner lid forms an airtight seal, no matter how full the tank is, so there's no need to worry about excess headroom causing oxygen to spoil your product.

The immersion heater included with the tank heats quickly and evenly - thermometer is also provided.

Seal and store

It's the ideal way to pasteurise your juice or cider. The liquid can be stored in the stainless steel container. An air seal is created using the vaseline and the floating lid (supplied) and the liquid will keep for months. You can tap it off as and when you need it and the lid will keep the remainder of the liquid fresh.

Pasteurise then tap off

Alternatively, this great piece of kit can be used to pasteurise your liquid before tapping off into sterilised bottles. Ensure bottle lids are applied immediately and bottles laid on side allowing the hot liquid to sterilise the caps.

Included in the kit:

  • Stainless steel keg with flat bottom, open at the top with reinforcement rim (approx. 10mm wide)
  • Stainless steel surface immersion heater with thermometer
  • Weld-on threaded socket G3/4" as clear drain below
  • PE tap G3/4", NW10
  • Stainless steel floating lid with ball knob
  • Stainless steel slip lid with ball knob and ventilation
  • 1 litre of vaseline oil
  • UK plug adaptor, compatible with UK 240V mains

Note: Container and immersion heater are also available separately.

Note: 170 litre container is delivered on a pallet - allow 5 working days for delivery. Delivery included in price for UK Mainland (exc. Scottish Highlands). See delivery page for charges to other regions.