Speidel Storage Tank FD

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The storage tank FD is entirely made of AISI304. The FD is equipped with welded-on stainless steel legs and and additional bottom outlet.

The FD's bottom and top are both vaulted. this is why it stands on three legs, thus allowing easy operation. Available in capacities 100-625 Litres

Racking and bottom outlets

  • Up to 240 litres capacity the outlets are internal thread 3/4" (BSP) with plastic blank cap
  • From 330 litres capacity upwards the outlets are external thread G1" ( BSP) with plastic blank cap

These tanks are supplied to order. Please call us on 01404 890093 to discuss your requirements.

{Image shows 240 litre tank. Dimensions for all tank capacities can be seen on the 'Specification' tab}


100 Litre - 440mm Diameter, 1,141mm Height

240 Litre - 550mm Diameter, 1,524mm Height

330 Litre - 630mm Diameter, 1,538mm Height

525 Litre - 820mm Diameter, 1,466mm Height

625 Litre - 820mm Diameter, 1,661mm Height