Vares 50 Litre Hydraulic Press and Fruit Shark Megalodon Combo

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A combination of the 50 Litre Hydraulic Press and Fruit Shark Megalodon electric mill from Vares. For more information about each machine see below:

Vares 50 litre stainless steel press, straining bag, 5 ton hydraulic jack and oak chock for additional pressing leverage.

  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic by the highly reputed Vares.
  • Food grade stainless steel construction throughout. The pressing basket is 3mm thick steel and the pressing plate is 6mm.
  • Incredibly easy to use and reset. Place the oak chock between the pressure plate and hydraulic jack then pump the jack to extract juice. To reset, simply release the tension on the jack.
  • 50 Litre basket volume is the same as the contents of 3 Fruit Shark vessels.
  • Supplied with genuine Vares Straining Bag.
  • Optional Vares tap is available for this press (not included).

Vares Fruit Shark Megalodon Apple Mill with an incredibly powerful 2.5kW motor and 20 litre collection vessel.

  • 2.5kW motor spins up to 2800rpm, making quick work of apples of all varieties. The Megalodon can handle fruit up to 10cm in diameter and will comfortably mill between 100 and 200kg per hour dependent on the efficiency of the operator.
  • Can process a wide variety of fruits and vegetables by the bucket load thanks to its large stainless steel hopper.
  • The perfect choice for a serious home operation, enthusiastic amateurs and community groups.
  • Must be used with a 16amp circuit breaker.