Speidel 20 Litre Stainless Steel Hydropress and Electric Mill Combo

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A combination of 2 world class pieces of fruit processing equipment from renowned German manufacturer Speidel. The hydropress is an ingenious way of extracting the maximum amount of juice from fruit with barely any effort at all and the Speidel Mill is widely regarded as the best machine in its class. See below for more info about each:

20 Litre Hydropress

An extremely simple, highly effective pressing system that uses mains water pressure to extract high levels of juice from milled apples and pears, crushed grapes and pressing small or seeded soft fruits, e.g. blackberries and elderberries.

  • An excellent press for those who have several productive apple trees or grapevines and are interested in producing juice swiftly and virtually effortlessly
  • Capacity: juice yield of up to 13 litres / 22 pints per pressing, depending on variety and ripeness of fruit
  • Achieves high juice yields and excellent juice quality
  • It is possible to carry out 3 pressings per hour
  • Once filled, the press can take less than 5 minutes to extract juice
  • Press apples and any soft seeded fruit like grapes, pears, raspberries, strawberries and more

Speidel Mill

The ONLY non-industrial centrifugal mill on the market that can deal with full buckets of whole apples at once.

  • Powerful 2.2kW/2.9 hp motor
  • An orchard favourite, ideal for those who have lots of fruit to mill, enthusiastic amateurs and community groups
  • If used in conjunction with a hydropress or our Pack Press, a 70 to 75% juice yield can be achieved and up to 450 litres / 100 gallons of juice can be pressed in a day
  • Heavy duty plastic hopper with ultra-smooth inside for easy cleaning
  • Supplied with a 6 metre length, insulated cable, moulded UK plug and moulded Schuko socket

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