Vares 18 Litre Hydraulic Press and Fruit Shark Combo

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Save £50 with the Vares 18 Litre Hydraulic Press and Fruit Shark Electric Mill Combo when bought together here. See below for more information about each machine:

 Vares 18 Litre Hydraulic Press (with 2 ton hydraulic jack).

  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic by the highly reputed Vares.
  • Food grade stainless steel construction throughout. The pressing basket is 3mm thick steel and the pressing plate is 6mm.
  • Incredibly easy handling; there’s no need to remove the jack to reset the press. Instead, you can just use the upper cross beam.
  • The 18 litre basket volume is the same capacity as one full vessel of the Fruit Shark mill.

Note Straining Bag and Taps are available separately for this press (not included).

Vares Fruit Shark Mill with an efficient 1.1kW motor and 20 litre collection vessel for your pulped apples.

  • Compact unit and very easy to store, making it perfect for the home cidermaker that wants to pulp their fruit with far less effort.
  • Powerful 1.1kW motor will spin up to 2800rpm and is able to mill between 50 and 100kg of apples per hour depending on operator efficiency. The Fruit Shark can crush apples up to 10cm in diameter so can accommodate the vast majority of apple varieties.
  • Simple operation: once the collection vessel is fitted and the machine is switched on, just feed apples into the hopper in a steady stream and the Fruit Shark will take care of the rest.