IMPROVED - Henchman Tripod Ladder with 3 Adjustable Legs

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Stay safe and feel confident when working at height thanks to the NEW and improved Henchman Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder. Henchman has redesigned their best-selling Tripod Ladder to give you increased adjustability, safety, and improved strength and stability. Suitable for both soft and uneven ground to carry out garden and DIY tasks.

The deeper platform ensures your feet are solidly placed, with more space to tuck your knees into the frame. You can comfortably lean against the hip height guard rail for extra confidence when working with both hands. The three legs can be individually adjusted by at least 45cm and its claw-like feet have a secure grip onto the ground making almost any surface safe and easy to work on. The new hedge-proof locking pins are designed to protect against branches or shrubbery interfering with the locking pin; a simply twist and pull for fast adjustment.

Key Features

· The only fully certified Tripod Ladder on the market to EN131 standards with the BSI Kitemark

· 150kg max weight capacity

· Minimum of 45cm of adjustability in each leg (varies depending on ladder size)

· Built-in platform and guard rail – for confidence when working with both hands

· Increased strength and rigidity throughout the ladder

· New hedge-proof locking pin – safer and more durable

- Ladder supplied complete with rubber feet

*All ladder heights shown are the total ladder height with the legs fully retracted, with all ladders the platform height is 3ft / 90cm below the advertised height.

Note: Not available to Northern Ireland, Scilly Isles, Isle of Man or Scottish Isles (available to rest of Scotland including Highlands).

It’s important to know the height of which you’ll be working at before ordering your tripod ladder. For example, if you’re going to use your ladder for hedge cutting, then first measure the hedge, so you know what you need. 

Note that, when we talk about ladder sizes, we’re referring to the bottom of the ladder to the top when fully retracted. 

The platform rung on our 3 legged ladder is 3ft / 0.9cm from the top. This means that, when standing on the platform, the top of the ladder is level with your waist. For example, on a 6ft / 1.8m ladder, your waist is 6ft / 1.8m from the ground. 

We recommend working between shoulder and waist height. As your shoulders are usually around 2ft/60cm higher than your waist, this gives you a working height range of 6-8ft/1.8-2.4m, from shoulder to waist. 

If you’re going to be working between 6-8ft, our 6.8/1.8m ladder will do the job perfectly.

Our 3 adjustable leg tripod range starts at 5ft, with our largest ladder being 12ft. With this ladder, you’re standing 9ft from the ground.

SizeMaterialWeightPlatform Height
6ftAluminium8kg3ft / 0.9m
8ftAluminium10kg5ft / 1.5m
10ftAluminium12kg7ft / 2.1m
12ftAluminium14kg9ft / 2.7m