Henchman Hi-Step Adjustable Platform Ladder

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The Henchman Hi-Step range is ideal for those wanting to complete their big jobs safely. Always keep the platform level and stable whether you are on dips, bumps, slopes or steps as each leg adjusts individually by up to 2ft. The unique large flat feet can also be adjusted minutely to make sure the ladder is as stable as can be while maximising traction and preventing sudden sinking in soft ground thanks to the large surface area.

You are safe to lean because you are enclosed by guard rails to ensure your centre of gravity stays within the splayed footprint which prevents toppling. Because of the size of the platform and the ability to lean as far as you like safely, you can cut large portions of your hedge without changing the position of the ladder, this is can be improved even more if you are using long-reach tools.

The adjustability in the legs also allows for height adjustment of the platform so you could potentially extend the height of your ladder by 2ft so you can tackle jobs at a range of heights.

The framework is aluminium to reduce the weight while the legs are zinc plated steel for strength and rigidity. The platform is made of marine for weather resistance, so the platform is suitable for use in rain or shine. Folding a Hi-Step for storage or transportation requires no tools and takes about 30 seconds.

  • 23” x 19” non-slip Marine Ply platform
  • 150kg safe working limit - Safe to lean in three directions, no toppling
  • Remain level and stable despite soft, sloping or uneven terrain
  • Wide range of motion for long cuts
  • Working height variable by a minimum of 2' (or minimum 5' with Extender)
  • Weather treated for use in all conditions - easy folding in 30 seconds for storage

This adjustable Henchman Hi-Step garden platform is perfect for a range of garden jobs, including:

  • Hedge cutting
  • Tree pruning
  • Topiary
  • Maintaining climbing plants

The Henchman Hi-Step can also be used for indoor projects, such as painting a high ceilings. Our feet prevent scratches and dents in hard floors, so you can use the platform ladder without worry.

Note: Not available to Northern Ireland, Scilly Isles, Isle of Man or Scottish Isles (available to rest of Scotland including Highlands).

SizePlatform HeightReach
Junior (6ft)3ft / 0.9m10ft / 3.0m20kg
Midi (7ft)4ft / 1.2m11ft / 3.3m22kg
Senior (8ft)5ft / 1.5m12ft / 3.6m24kg
Major (9ft)
6ft / 1.8m13ft / 3.9m26kg
Maxi (10ft)7ft / 2.1m14ft / 4.2m28kg

* based on 6ft / 180cm user