Speidel 2.2kW Apple Mill

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Looking for a high-quality mill for your home or small-scale cider-making operation? Look no further than the Speidel Apple Mill. Made in Germany with a powerful 2.2kW / 2.9hp motor and top-quality food-grade components, this fruit crushing machine is built to the highest standards and complies with all European Safety standards (CE mark). 

It's the only amateur cider mill available that can process entire buckets of whole apples at once, making it a popular choice for producers of all sizes. A large hopper makes it easy to fill fruit directly from your flexi tubs / buckets. 

With the ability to process up to 1,000kg of fruit per hour, you'll get a high juice yield when combined with our pack press or a hydropress - as much as 75% by weight can be achieved. 

The powerful 2.2kW / 2.9hp motor drives a 3-stage stainless steel blade system designed to pulp apples to the perfect pressing consistency every time. 

No rust even after years of use - the hopper, motor block, cutter blades, apron, feet etc. are all made of high quality, rust-free materials requiring neither care nor any special treatment. So you have no rust to worry about even after years of use.

This cider mill is also incredibly easy to clean. It is also virtually maintenance free, only the blade unit should be sharpened / replaced from time to time.

A 1 year warranty is included as standard, you can trust in the quality and durability of the Speidel apple mill. 

One of our BEST SELLERS - we can't recommend this enough.

For Northern Ireland deliveries - note: This is classed as an oversized courier item (over 1 metre) and attracts a higher delivery charge (see Delivery).

Whole apples or pears fed into the conical hopper are pulverised by stainless steel blades. The pomace (pulp) is then discharged through the chute into your bucket.


  • Heavy duty PE food-grade plastic hopper and discharge chute (recyclable), with ultra smooth, easy clean internal surface
  • Stainless steel, reversible hardened blades
  • Stable base on three splayed feet which encloses motor
  • Wheel on back foot to ease manoeuvring
  • Manufactured in accordance with EC Safety Directives and Standards
  • Powered by 2,800 rpm, 2.2 kW/2.9 hp single phase motor, to make short work of large quantities of fruit
  • 6 metre long insulated cable, moulded UK plug and moulded Sckuko socket
  • On/off switch with lock-out feature
  • Safety cut-out to protect motor
  • Height: 133cm
  • Pulp discharge height: 38cm
  • Width: 59cm
  • Weight: 25kg / 55½ lbs

Disconnect mill from electric supply, unclip and remove the hopper. Clean the hopper, discharge chute, and blades with fresh water. Store in a dry place.