Vares Fruit Shark Megalodon 2.5kW Apple Mill

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Looking for a durable and powerful apple mill? Introducing our Vares Fruit Shark Megalodon Apple Mill with an incredibly powerful 2.5kW motor. Also including a 20 litre collection vessel to catch your pulped fruit.

Other features of our Apple Mill includes:

  • The 2.5kW motor spins up to 2800 rpm, making quick work of apples of all varieties. The Megalodon can handle fruit up to 10cm in diameter and will comfortably mill between 100 and 200 kg per hour depending on the efficiency of the operator.
  • Can process a wide variety of fruits and vegetables by the bucket load thanks to its large stainless steel hopper.
  • This Apple Mill is the perfect choice for a serious home operation, enthusiastic amateurs and community groups.
  • Must be used with a 16 amp circuit breaker.
  • Handy to know: The contents of a single 20 litre Fruit Shark vessel will fill the Vares 18 litre Hydraulic Press - 3 vessels will fill the 50 litre press.

The Megalodon benefits from our comprehensive 1 year warranty on all machines supplied by us. Should anything go wrong during normal operation then just let us know and we will repair or replace the machine. Order your Vares Fruit Shark Megalodon 2.5kW Apple Mill today!

Fruit or vegetables are fed into the hopper are pulverised by a stainless steel blade. The pomace (pulp) is then discharged through the chute into the pomace container.

  • Motor output 2.5kW
  • Motor speed 2800 RPM
  • Processes fruit up to 10cm in diameter
  • Weight 35 kg
  • Dimensions 115 x 37 x 68 cm
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Protections against self-start after current outage
  • Motor brake

Disconnect mill from electric supply, unclip and remove the hopper. Clean the hopper, discharge chute, and blades with fresh water. Store in a dry place.